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How can I back a holiday request for correction by an employee?

If you have not yet approved the holiday request, you can back it to the employee to correct its content.

Step 1

Select the request that requires changes. You can use the List of requests or click on the appropriate request to accept on the main page.

List of vacation requests - view of dashboard.

Step 2

You can add your comment to the document sent by the employee, e.g. write which element of the request needs to be changed. Under the employee’s request you will find three buttons: 'Confirm’, 'Reject’ and 'Back to employee’. Choose the last one.

'Back to employee' button.

Step 3

The status of the document changed to 'Waiting for correction’. The employee received an e-mail with information about the need to make changes. You will be informed when the request returns to you after the correction.

Change of request status to 'Waiting for correction'

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