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How to enable / disable the list of absentees from the employee’s dashboard?

The absent tab shows a list of absentees on a given day. This list includes co-workers whom we have previously defined in the configuration settings, in the Planning and List of absentees section (you can choose employees from a specific department or the entire company).

Step 1

To disable preview of the list of people absent from the employee’s dashboard, select the Configuration option from the side menu, and then the Leave configuration tile.

Configuration of absentee list.

Step 2

Click the ‘Change’ button next to Show absentees list in the List of absentees tab.

Showing employees a list of absentees.

Step 3

The Absent section on the employee’s dashboard will be visible or not (depending on the settings in step 2).

In the HR Department account, the Absent section is always visible.

List of people absent from the HR Department account.

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