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How to add / change leave limits for many employees?

The HRnest system makes it possible to add / edit leave limits for employees whose accounts have been created in the system. Below is an instruction on adding / editing many limits at once.

Step 1

To add or edit leave limits for many employees in bulk, select Configuration from the side menu, then the Tools tile.

Step 2

Select the ‘Add many annual leave limits’ tab and download the template.

Step 3

Fill the template with data. In the ‘Date from [yyyy-mm-dd]’ column, enter the date from which the indicated limit should apply – for the all-year limit enter yyyy-01-01. In the ‘Annual leave limit’ column, enter the leave limit for the year, and in the ‘incl. on demand [days]’ days limit on demand. You can add data on only one employee in one line. If the template contains employee data for which you do not want to add a limit, delete the assigned row. Save the completed template to disk.

NOTE – If you add an overdue limit using a file, and for one employee you have to allocate two lines, set in the column ‘incl. on demand [days]’ the value ‘0’ .

Step 4

Select the appropriate data import mode: Add only new limits – only items that did not exist in the system before will be added. Add new limits and update existing ones – new items will be added, and existing ones will be updates with data from the template.

Step 5

Browse to the file on the disk and then press the ‘Upload’ button.

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