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How to integrate HRnest with Google calendar?

Thanks to the integration of the HRnest system with the Google calendar, information on employee absences will automatically appear in the Google calendar.

Step 1

Select Configuration from the side menu, Integrations tile, and then click the iCal tab.

Configuration settings related to integration.

Step 2

Copy the generated URL.

Key generation.

Step 3

From the applications available in the Google menu, select Calendar.

Choosing a calendar from various google applications.

Step 4

In the side panel, hover over the plus next to Other calendars.

Selecting the 'other calnedars' option.

Step 5

From the drop-down list, select ‘From URL’.

Selecting the 'from URL' option.

Step 6

Paste the generated link (calendar URL) and select ‘Add calendar’.

Paste the calendar URL and click "add calendar".

Step 7

Calendar has been added.

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