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How to add new vacation request types or edit existing ones?

By adding a new request in the HRnest system, the form page opens, where you can see list of types of requests. This list can be freely modified and adjusted to your needs. If you want to know how to do this, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

From the side menu, select Configuration, then go to Leave configuration.

Leave configuration in the HRnest system.

Step 2

In the first tab – Request types – you can see all types of requests available on your account. Using the options in the last column, you can remove the selected request from the list, edit it or see its details.

Modification of the list of vacation requests in the HRnest system.

Step 3

By clicking the blue Edit icon next to the selected application type, you can make settings such as: indicating the group of employees for which the request will be available, defining the type of limit, the ability to disable document workflow and many more. Confirm changes with the Save button.

Parameterization of the selected request.

Step 4

To add a new request type, click the + Add new request type button.

Adding a new type of request.

Step 5

In the form that is displayed to you, select the type of leave and define its parameters, such as: type of contract, limit type, additional description, etc. Finally, click Add.

Settings for a newly added vacation request.

Note! If you do not see the request you are looking for – contact us by e-mail, phone or chat.

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