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How to add requests issued by employess before using HRnest?

There are two options for uploading the requests history – collectively, using a template or individually by completing the request form.

Method 1

Step 1

If you want to use the option of adding requests in bulk, go to the Configuration tab, and then select the Tools tile.

Entering the HRnest Tool tab.

Step 2

Select Add vacation requests in bulk from the options on the left and download the Excel file using the Download button.

Collective uploading of the request history to the HRnest system.

Step 3

Fill in the template with data and save the file to disk. Pay attention to the mandatory fields.

Filling out the excel template with requests that were issued before using HRnest.

Step 4

Load the document using the green Upload button. Vacation requests will be added automatically.

Uploading a file with the history of requests.

Method 2

Step 1

Alternatively, you can add a vacation history by creating backdated requests. To do this, go to the side menu and click Add request.

Adding a backdated vacation request.

Step 2

Complete the form by selecting the type of request and the date range. If you do not want to involve the Supervisor in accepting this document (he has probably already approved the request once), remember to select the ‘Skip document workflow’ function. To save the entered data, select the Create request button.

Adding a backdated vacation request to the HRnest system.

Ready! The request has been saved and is visible in the available reports.

Vacation request visible in HRnest system.

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