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What types of reports does the Leave module generate?

In the Leave module it is possible to create and export to Excel several types of reports:

  • Monthly holiday entitlement;
  • Annual leave limit brekadown;
  • Summary of issued requests;
  • Requests’ status changes;

The Monthly holiday entitlement report shows the value of the limit granted to the employee (including the leave overdue from previous years), the leave used broken down into individual months, as well as a summary – how much leave the employee has used and how much is still available.

The Annual leave limit breakdown report shows how the leave limit has been used up by presenting submitted leave requests in the form of a chronological list.

The Summury of issued request report shows the value of the limit (if any) and the days used for each type of request.

The Requests’ status changes report shows what changes have been made to requests in the selected period. Check what the different statuses of requests mean.

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