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What types of reports does the Work time module generate?

In the Work time module it is possible to create and export several types of reports to Excel:

  • Timesheet,
  • Unregistered working time,
  • Schedules execution,
  • Statement of paid hours / overtime,
  • Projects execution.

The Timesheet report shows the registered working time. In addition, this report contains information about the night time, the difference to the daily number of hours from the employee’s account settings, and also contains a summary where the total values ​​of recorded time / requests issued / hourly denomination for a given month are shown, and the difference indicates whether they appeared overtime or shortages during work.

The Unregistered work time report shows the working hours that the employee has not registered, and what’s more, it enables quick and collective registration of the employee’s working time for any period if the working time was in accordance with the schedule.

The Schedule execution report allows both the work schedules creator and the employee to compare the assumed hourly goals with their actual execution.

The Statement of paid hours / overtime report shows the hours that the HR department has marked as paid.

The Project execution report shows how projects are carried out during work and how much time a given employee spent on a previously defined project.

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