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How to import a work schedule from a .csv file?

To import a schedule from a .csv file, you need to edit existing or create a new work schedule. If you don’t know how to add a new schedule, see this post.

Editing or creating a new schedule using a csv file.

After entering the schedule, expand the dropdown menu and pick Add from CSV files

Selecting the option to add a csv file.

Select the .csv file from your computer and mark Execute.

Downloading cvs file from disk.

A properly prepared .csv file must be a comma separated file and contain the following columns:

  • ‘UserId’ is the user ID in the system;
  • ‘Login’ is the user’s login;
  • ‘IdNumber’ is the user’s reference number in the system

Note: At least one of these 3 values ​​must be indicated.

  • ‘TimeFrom’ is the date and time of starting work, e.g. 2020-06-01T08:00;
  • ‘TimeTo’ is the work end date in the format as above;
  • ‘BreakMinutes’ is the number of minutes of unpaid break during this period;
  • ‘Comment’
  • ‘CommentOnly’ is information whether the item contains only a comment. The values that may appear here are „true” or „false”.

If you want to use a registration number as an identifier, you must ensure that unique values ​​have been entered for all Employees.

Important: the file will be imported only if it’s error free. If error messages are returned, the file should be corrected and re-imported.

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