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How to add a new schedule?

Step 1

From the Work time side menu, select Work schedules, and then click the ‘+ Create work schedule ’ button.

Clicking on the icon to add a new schedule.

Step 2

Enter the schedule title, select effective dates and the working time system. Then specify which employees it will apply to – select the ‘Add’ button in the Employees section. You can also add people to whom you will give additional permissions and assign a preview to a given schedule.

Assigning employees to the schedule.

Step 3

In the new window, you can add employees from a given department (Departments tab) or selected people (Employees tab) to the schedule. Select the check box next to the employees you want to add, and then press the ‘Add selected departments’ or ‘Add selected employees’ button.

To create the Schedule, select the ‘Next button’ . If you want to save the entered data to finish creating schedule later, select the ‘Save as draft’ button.

Entering data of the created schedule.

Step 4

There is a form at the top of the page that allows you to make changes to the schedule you create. By adding date range, working hours and selecting employee names, you can add (or delete) new items in the schedule in bulk. If you want to add hours individually for a particular day and a selected employee, click on ‘+’ placed in the field for a given day. In the schedule you can see absences that have already been planned – vacation plans and days for which holiday requests have been issued. It also marked non-working days – Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Creating a work schedule.

Step 5

If you have finished completing the schedule, click the ‘Save’ button and submit it for approval. The schedule will be sent to the person responsible for accepting the schedules in your company.

Saving the new schedule.

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