How to add an employee?

Step 1

Select Organization from the side menu.

Adding an employee from the Organization tab level.

Step 2

Select the ‘Add employee’ button.

Add employee button

Step 3

Enter employee details.

The ‘First name’ field can contain a maximum of 25 characters, and the ‘Last name’ field can contain a maximum of 50 characters. The ‘Organization’, ‘E-mail address’, ‘Position’, ‘ID’ number and ‘Comment’ fields may be left blank.

If you do not enter an e-mail address, the employee will not receive e-mail notifications about changes in the status of their requests.

If you want to appoint a supervisor who will accept this employee’s leave requests, select the appropriate name from the drop-down list in the Supervisor field. If you do not want to appoint a supervisor – select ‘No’ in the ‘Dose it require a supervisor?’ field. If this employee is to be the manager for others, select ‘Yes’ in the ‘Is manager?’ field – the employee’s name will appear in the drop-down list on other employees profiles.

Adding employee data in his account details

Step 4

If the form has been correctly completed you will be taken to the employee’s account details view. In addition to the entered data, you also see the login that has been assigned to the employee.

You will also find here information if the account is active – from this position you have the option of blocking and unblocking the account. The employee will not be able to log in to the blocked account.

Below is the Leave section, which contains configuration data for the leave module. The field ‘Number of hours per day’ defines the number of hours an employee spends at work in one day.

The field ‘Date of commencement of the first work’ allows automatic calculation of the proportional limit of leave in the first year of work of a given employee. If this is not your first year of work, you do not need to fill in the field.

The ‘Form of employment’ field allows you to automatically calculate the proportional leave limit for an employee who works part time and is in his first year of work. If the employee works full-time, insert the number 1 here, and if part – time, fill in respectively: half-time – 0.5, 1/3 of the time – 0.33, etc.

Leave tab in the employee's account details

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