How to integrate my account on HRnest with Slack?

Step 1

Go to your account settings (Configuration item in the side menu) and press the ‘Turn on’ button in the Slack integration tab.

Enable integration with slack.

Step 2

Log in to your Slack account.

Sign in to Slack.

Step 3

Click the ‘Allow’ button to enable us to send messages to the HRnest channel.

Permission to integrate Slack with HRnest.

Step 4

Send a test message (by clicking the ‘Send test message’ button) to check the correctness of the settings.

Sending a test message.

Step 5

If you receive the „Test” message on Slack, everything is set correctly and from now on you will receive our notifications about changes in the status of your requests.

Example of a message from HRnest about an request accepted by the Supervisor.