How to buy a subscription of the HRnest system and enter invoice data?

If you want to purchase a subscription of the HRnest system, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click the Configuration tab in the lower left corner, then select the Account data tile. In the General tab, verify the correctness of the data, i.e. the limit of employee accounts, the modules you want to use or the type of the settlement period. Make any changes by selecting the CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION PLAN (ACCOUNT LIMIT, MODULES) button.

Account parameters verification.

Step 2

Go to the Invoice data tab, complete the form and save the changes.

Entering data into the invoice.

Ready! You have just purchased a subscription of the HRnest system. After entering the invoice data, you will receive a proforma invoice with a 7-day payment term – we will send a notification by e-mail about the issuance of this document with a link where it will be visible and available for download. After making the payment, you will receive a VAT invoice available in the Billing section of the HR Department account.

Billing section in HR account configuration.

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