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Which sections of the Personal file are visible to employees and which to their Supervisor?

Sections visible to employees

Employees have access to almost all sections in the Personal file module. The Requests section allows you to submit employee-related requests to the HR Department. In the Resources section, employees always have access to the items and the access entrusted to them. Contracts sections, Health examinations, OSH trainings, Custom notifications, Documents and Notifications are always visible to them, but they do not necessarily contain any documents or information – the HR department separately for each position decides whether it should be visible to the employee. The only section to which the employee has no access, regardless of the settings, are Skills.

Sections visible to the Supervisor

Like employees, the Supervisor has permanent access to almost all sections. In the Requests section he can submit requests to HR Department, while in the Resources section he has access to both his resources and the resources of his subordinates. The supervisor in the sections of the Contracts, Health examinations, OSH trainings, Custom notifications, Documents and Notifications sees only those documents, for which a preview was made available to him by the HR Department. If Human Resources gives him this option, he can also view data and make changes in the Skills section.

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