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How to assign a new skill to an employee?

Method 1

Step 1

From the Personal file side menu, select Skills, and then click ‘Assign Skill’.

Entering the competence tab.

Step 2

Select the employee and the competence that you want to add to his account from the drop-down lists.

Transfer of competence to the selected employee.

A new type of competence will appear on the list.

New competences assigned to the employee visible on the list.

Method 2

Step 1

Select Organization from the side menu, and then click the green ‘Details’ icon next to the account of the selected employee.

Adding competencies from the company organization level.

Step 2

Go to the Personal file tab and select Skills section. Then click ‘Assign skills’.

Assigning competences to a given employee.

Step 3

Fill out the form by selecting the specific skill and click ‘Add’.

Adding specific skills and competences.

A new type of skill will appear on the list.

Added skill visible in the employee profile.

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