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Custom notifications​

How to add custom notifications?

Step 1

Select Custom notifications from the side panel and then ‘Add custom notification’ (if you have not created any types of notifications, you can add them by clicking on the button on the right ‘Create new notifications type’ –
if you don’t know how to do this, take a look at this post).

Selecting custom notifications tab.

Step 2

Select the employee and the type of notification, you can also set the date of the notification and its validity. After completing the form, click ‘Add’.

Completing a custom notification form.

In the second step, decide if you want to receive an email informing about the upcoming expiry date of your custom notification. If so, click the ‘change’ button in the Notifications section. You can also decide when the notification should appear, and whether you want to show it to the employee and the supervisor.

Adding e-mail notify reminding about the expiry of a newly added custom notification.

The newly added custom notification will be visible in the list.

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