How to settle a foreign delegation?

Foreign delegations can be billed in the same way as domestic delegations – but you must remember to enter additional data, such as exchange rates.

Step 1

From the side menu, select Add Settlement tab.

Entry into the settlement of delegations.

Step 2

To create a new settlement, complete the form. Leave the ‘Related document’s number’ field blank.

Change the ‘Trip type’ field from domestic to foreign. An additional field will appear, which should be completed with vehicle data and crossing times. The duration of an employee’s stay outside the country counts, depending on the type of communication:
land – from the moment of crossing the country border on the way abroad, to the moment of crossing the country border on the way back to the country
airplane – from the moment of taking off the plane on the way abroad from the last airport in the country, until the landing of the plane on the way back at the first airport in the country
sea trip – from the moment the ship (ferry) leaves the domestic port until the ship (ferry) enters the domestic port

Border crossing.

Step 3

If the delegation details are correct, select the ‘Settle Business Trip Costs’ button.

Business trip costs settlement.

Step 4

The next step is to settle the journey with a car (private or business) – fill in the mileage and confirm it with the ‘+’ button. The system will automatically assign a refund rate for 1 km of mileage. If you used a different means of transport during your delegation, leave this space blank.

Settlement of travel by private car.

Step 5

Settle other delegation costs by showing invoices, bills, tickets and other documents that entitle you to reimbursement of costs incurred. Accept each new item with the ‘+’ button. If you prefer to settle a lump sum, you can leave these lines blank.

Adding invoices, bills etc.

Step 6

If your employer provides you with full or half board during your trip, complete the next item on the form. If the employer does not provide food during the trip, this should also be noted.

Adding diets.

Step 7

When you settle a trip abroad, you should also download exchange rates according to which the costs will be settled.

You can attach scans of documents (bills, invoices, tickets) using the form at the end of the document.

Adding attachments.

If you want to come back to trip settlement later, select ‘Save as draft’ to complete it. If you have completed all the data, select the ‘Save settlement’ button.

Saving the settlement.

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