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New improvement – Important change to leave limits

important change to leave limits

We have introduced a significant improvement in the way of setting the holiday limit for employees. Thanks to it, everything will become more intuitive and easier to manage.

From now on, to add a limit for a given year, enter the date from which the indicated limit will apply. For the whole year limit it is 01.01.YYYY, which means that entering the date 01.01.2020 gives us a limit for 2020.

Form for adding vacation limits.

Thanks to the function of introducing a limit from date, we are able to automate the entire process of calculating limits. In a situation where we know that our employee will increase the limit in the middle of the year (e.g. due to seniority), we can now plan it by entering a specific date and value, after which the limit will automatically increase.

Examples of two limits for one year.

Due to this improvement, the Excel template for bulk uploading limits has also changed. The ‘Date from [yyyy-mm-dd]’ column has appeared, in which you should enter the date from which the indicated limit is to apply (for the yearly limit, enter yyyy-01-01). In the column ‘Annual leave limit’, enter the leave limit for the given year, the ‘Comment’ column can be left blank.

An excel file for adding multiple vacation limits in bulk.

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